First Person View FPV Provided by Cheerson CX-30S for Entry-Level Hobbyists

Cheerson CX-30S

There are many quad-copter in small size providing camera function, but very less of them supports wireless image transmission. If you’re beginners longing for first person view FPV experience, I strongly recommend you Cheerson CX-30S. Actually, this is a simplified all-inclusive FPV equipment, including a quad-copter, a camera and a transmitter with LCD display.

With 15cm in both length and with, 4cm in height, the quad-copter weighs 80g. For sake of its size and weight, there is no special gimbal for camera. Instead, the camera is carried under the abdomen of Cheerson CX-30S. You should never worry about stability when photographing, cause the quad-copter adopts flight control system with six-axis gyro. Whatever flight it reaches, the camera is always consistent with the quad-copter.
Cheerson CX-30S Cheerson CX-30SIn addition, there is a handy remote controller equipped with Cheerson CX-30S. It’s very striking that the controller gets a folding LCD monitor itself. Supporting real-time image transmission within remote distance, you’re allowed to enjoy first person view FPV scenery while videos and pictures are taken and stored into a SD card automatically. And the WIFI transmission distance is about 20m, which is more very controllable for entry-level hobbyists.
Cheerson CX-30S Cheerson CX-30S
Since it’s a small quad-copter, Cheerson CX-30S provides very appreciative flights. It can reach smooth and stable normal flights like rising, falling, turning left/right., moving forward/backward. Let alone, it’s capable of some stunts like hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, all of which help the camera capture untouchable perspectives. For sake of adjustable gyro, the quad-copter can automatically correct its attitude if flying into wrong direction in windy outdoor.

Cheerson CX-30S
Furthermore, Cheerson CX-30S supports high/medium/low speed options, allowing hobbyist to choose in line with personal experience. Besides, there are four protection covers around the propellers, which is particularly suited to fly or photograph indoor. And these colorful LED lights built on rubber foot make it more attractive, and hobbyists can fly it both day and night.
Cheerson CX-30S

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