As aerial photography has been increasingly popular, people are scouting for more amazing FPV experience via goggles glass like Boscam GS922. Unique flight in first person of view gets so close to your eyes once wearing it, which makes you feel you’re the pilot. There is a micro SD card to store pictures and video recorded by DVR, thus you can replay those files when finishing photography.
Boscam GS922The full name of DVR is called digital video recorder that uses hard disc to record video. Compared with traditional video monitor, it’s a set of comprehensive image store and processing system, including recorder, VGA, gimbal control system, alarm system as well as wireless transmission system, which is especially suitable for long time recording and remote monitoring. Supporting 32CH, the wireless transmission as well as recording is beyond your expectation.
Boscam GS922Besides, Boscam GS922 possesses dual AV receiver which can receive high-quality image and sound signal. There is a cable connecting the goggles glass and remote controller, and controller provides the glass with power supply via the cable. Meanwhile, there is head tracker built in the glass interacts with the controller and receiver on the aircraft. Thus images and sound captured by camera will be sent back to the glasses. And this is what we call first person of view flight!
Boscam GS922
Designed in line with ergonomics, Boscam GS922 is suitable for long time wearing. At the same time, the goggles glasses can be freely adjusted according to different sizes of individual heads. Even the plastic frame is made of high-level plastic, which is very soft to human skin. Adopting high-resolution LCD display made of high-level material, there is absolutely no radiation or harms to human eyesight.
Boscam GS922What’s more, the wider screen actually has widen human perspectives. Wearing Boscam GS922 goggles, your vision and hearing will enter into 3D space, just like wearing a pair of 3D glasses. In addition, there is no need to wear extra myopic glasses if you are shortsighted, cause the goggles glasses lens can automatically correct myopic sight.

Boscam GS922