Easy-folding Octa-Copter Frame Tarot X8 for free-will DIY FPV

Tarot X8

Photographing via a octa-copter must be very eye-catching, but there is very less all-inclusive octa-copter available on the market. Thus, many FPV hobbyists choose to DIY with a octa-quad-copter like Tarot X8. The more axis the copter possesses, the more stable FPV it  ensures. To reduce total load as much as possible to reach better sensitivity, the framework adopts carbon fiber as well as the most accurate structure.
Tarot X8Divided into PCB holder, eight axis, and a camera mount, Tarot X8 is of very light weight and it’s easy-taken. The eight axis could be folded easily, which greatly shorten the preparation time of flight. As a matter of fact, most enthusiasts pretty enjoy the DIY process, cause they will never give up making the best and idealized FPV equipment. Fortunately, the Octa-copter is easy to pack and it ensures free installation, allowing hobbyists to find very amazing scenery or far from the crowd.
Tarot X8The fixed base adopting plug-in design which can bring the most convenient and quick installation. There is very large installation room provided by Tarot X8, flight control, GPS mode, servo, gyro all can be well assembled inner the PCB base. Besides, electric foot frame controller has power reverse connection protection and protection function when it out of control. Meanwhile, electric and tripods can provide aerial camera with good visual direction and bring infinite wider aerial perspectives
Tarot X8 Tarot X8
What’s more, main body is equipped with high strength matte gold composite process PCB circuit, and the main power line uses AS150 sparkproof plugs. You can avoid crashing however stable the aircraft is, and seldom crash many results in explosion if disordered wires contact with each other. As for Tarot X8, there is very less chance of self-explosion in terms of the sharkproof plugs design. In addition, the reasonable and accurate framework is endowed with strong shock effect, let alone eight-axis copter itself gets excellent stability.

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