Cool Tank-shape off-road car HSP 94680T2 running on all kinds of ground

HSP 94680T2

It looks really cool! And I pretty much like the structure which makes HSP 94680T2 quite resemble a mini tank. Because of its special shockproof system, the car body is comparatively higher. The simulated shell is so sticking that makes it more aggressive as off-road car. With 314mm in length, 197mm in width and 140mm in height, the mini car allows to walk and run on all kinds of ground due to highly concise structure.
HSP 94680T2Now let’s take off the shell of car and see how on earth the inner structure is. As we all know, the engine is the most important part to the car consuming oil energy. Choosing the most powerful and durable engine, HSP 94680T2 could be suddenly sped up in very short time, which makes it easily throw over roadblocks. The base button utilizes high-strength aluminum alloy, which won’t easily get scraped wherever HSP 94680T2 walks or runs. Meanwhile, aluminum alloy button can effectively dissipate the heat caused by the engine system, ensuring continuous high-speed rotation.
HSP 94680T2In addition, the off-road car in hanging design ensures better sensitivity when turning, cause the steering system adopts spherical structure which is more flexible to control. Adopting hydraulic suspension system, off-road car HSP 94680T2 can automatically reduce strong impact to prevent its body from flipping over or being damaged. There are thick nylon bumpers and anti-collision spring buffer system, ensuring that the car receives the least impact when it gets the strongest collision. Thus, the rc car frame could be well protected.
HSP 94680T2Last but not least, the simulated big wheels is made of durable rubber and high-strength nylon. The particles nails design endows HSP 94680T2 with better gripping force, which makes the car well running on very slipped ground. you can play it indoor with very smooth floor, or you can let it walk and run at grass or mud road or cobbled road. All in all, the off-road car allows to play on different grounds, which is beloved by naughty boys!
HSP 94680T2

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