Mini FPV Quad-Copter Cheerson CX-30W supporting Wireless Transmission

Cheerson CX-30W

On account of remarkable control ability, quad-copter has been widely applied to FPV field. Even small size quad-copter like Cheerson CX-30W is endowed with camera function. Different from large-scale photography, small-range photography is suitable for beginners. Apart from amazing FPV experience, small quad-copter also provides you with highly appreciative flights.

Inheriting simple and classical design from Cheerson CX series, quad-copter is always so elegant in appearance. With 155mm in both length and width, 50mm in height, Cheerson CX-30W is not mini size but it owns very sensitive flight. Adopting flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyro, the quad-copter is capable of rising, descending, moving forward.backward as well as turning left/right. And it allows to correct flight attitude by itself if there is very strong wind.
Cheerson CX-30WWhat’s more, Cheerson CX-30W supports hand launching, hovering, flipping and crabbing, of all which ensure particular perspectives when photographing. Besides, the quad-copter carries a mini camera under its abdomen. All the flight and even the camera are under the control of a handy remote controller which is easy to master. In line with personal experience, hobbyists can choose between high/medium/low speed modes provided by the controller.
Cheerson CX-30W Cheerson CX-30W
In addition, Cheerson CX-30W supports real-time wireless transmission. Hobbyists allows to fixed Iphone mobile above the controller and install related software, then you have access to amazing aerial scenery in first person of view. Moreover, pictures and videos can be stored in the mobile phone directly, which greatly eases operation for new-in enthusiasts. The image transmission is very smooth and stable within 30m, and hobbyists don’t have to wear goggle glasses.
Cheerson CX-30WLast but not least, there are beautiful and shining LED lights built on the rubber foot of Cheerson CX-30W, ensuring both day and night flight. Personally, night flight is more appealing to me. You know, this is the easiest and most cost-effective FPV configuration for beginners. If you’re multi-rotor hobbyists, why not take the chance to get some FPV experience!
Cheerson CX-30W

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