Easy-packed Tarot 680 Pro 6-axis carbon fiber folding frame review

Tarot 680 Pro

Apart from aerial photography, six-axis frame can be applied to many other fields for sake of its super stability. Take the hottest Tarot 680 Pro for example, it’s featured by light weight and enough installation room as well as folding feature. Hobbyists are allowed to freely set free their creation on the frame. Especially for hobbyists has abundant FPV experience, they even quite enjoy the process of doing it by themselves.
Tarot 680 ProFirst and foremost, there is large room in the center of Tarot 680 Pro to install flight controller.  The carbon fiber base owns many slots and screw interfaces which is used to fixed flight controller and gimbal. According to size of the base, it’s compatible with most flight controller on the market. In addition, the canopy of the framework looks so cool, making it resemble a big spider with all axis stretched.
Tarot 680 Pro Tarot 680 ProAdopting 3K pure carbon fiber material, six-axis frame Tarot 680 Pro is of very light weight but high durability. If the aircraft crashed by accident, the framework won’t be damaged and other components will be well protected. Three is no denying that a six-axis copter is often too stable to reach flexible flights. If utilizing frame made of carbon fiber, maybe stability and sensitivity are all provided.

Tarot 680 Pro Tarot 680 Pro
For those people up to set out without hesitation, you may take the a DIY aircraft and capture wonderful moment during a trip. Don’t worry! Tarot 680 Pro framework with light weight can be folded into the big, installation and disassembling are simple and convenient. Beautiful scenery is always far from our ground, so we have to start a long way journey. Packing the frame into your bag, and you can go anywhere you like.

Tarot 680 Pro Tarot 680 Pro
As I mentioned before, the frame is widely applied to field requiring high portability.  Surveillance, remote sensing, mapping,airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, the cable line patrol, farm monitoring are all included.

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