6-axis gyro 3D helicopter Walkera V450D03 for all-level hobbyists

Walkera V450D03

If starting to fly entry-level helicopter, you would change a new one in higher configuration someday. Well, it’s kind of incapable for beginners to fly high-level helicopter. So what’s the option? Here, I strongly recommend Walkera V450D03, a 3D helicopter that can satisfy both superiors and beginners. Whatever level you are at, a 6-axis 3D helicopter supports all kinds of normal flights and fancy stunts.

Experienced hobbyists believe what suitable for you is the best! That is to say, controllable ability is the most vital factors. It proves that smooth and stable bearing is more attractive. Thus Walkera V450D03 helicopter with 676mm in overall length adopts flight control system with six-axis gyro. Compared to three-axis gyro, six-axis gyro ensures better controllable ability while sensitivity is retained. Hobbyists can freely choose flights in line with personal experience.
Walkera V450D03For superiors, you’re easily to reach fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360o rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying as well as vertical flying. Adopting newest flybarless system, all flights of Walkera V450D03 are endowed with faster response and higher efficiency. And entry-level pilots, you’re allowed to start with up/down, forward/backward flights and turning let/right. When you’re enough skillful, you have access to more amazing fancy flights.
Walkera V450D03What’s more, generation П 6-axis gyro control system adopted by Walkera V450D03 integrates with receiver, which can automatically correct flight attitude when flying in windy outdoor. In a word, the gyro makes it easy to control for both basic flight and 3D flight, ensuring stable and precise flight while decreasing the difficulty of operation. The helicopter actually can grow as hobbyists gain more and more experience.
Walkera V450D03Last but not least, the separation design of integrated plastic main frame and skid landing makes Walkera V450D03 very convenient to disassemble and maintain. Supported by powerful brushless motor and high-capacity Li-polymer battery, the helicopter can fly further and higher and longer. It’s kind of hard to straightway get to established destination. But I’m sure the helicopter will always accompany you from beginners to superiors

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