Mini fighter Cheerson CX-12: the best Christmas gift for little boy

Cheerson CX-12

When catching the first sight on the mini fighter Cheerson CX-12, I feel it’s so dazzling that I couldn’t star at the fighter for long time. Nevertheless, children will be pleased by such cool toy with flamboyant shape as well as coating. Many parents haven’t prepare the gift while Christmas is so very nearing. How about giving your kids a big surprise!

Cheerson CX-12
In children’s world, things are very different from what adults consider. Take mini fighter Cheerson CX-12 for example, it adopts more complex structure compared with most common aircraft. For one thing it inherits four-rotor design from quad-copter, while for another thing it’s whole frame resembles model airplane. Anyway, the different structure will motivate curiosity of little kids. It seems figuring out something is the mission or nature to them!
Cheerson CX-12To be honest, the mini fighter Cheerson CX-12 possesses flamboyant flight performance as well. Utilizing the latest flight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyro, the fighter does very well in up/down, forward/backward flying and turning left/right. Let alone, it’s much capable of some fancy flights such as hovering, rolling, flipping, 3D tumbling. Even if flying into wrong direction occasionally, it will automatically correct flying bearing.
Cheerson CX-12Children can freely fly the mini fighter both indoor and outdoor for sake of its mini size. Actually, the mini fighter provides you with different sizes of aircraft, but none of Cheerson CX-12 series fighter’s dimension surpassing 180x120x60mm. In addition, there is mini handy remote controller offering three speeds mode, respectively high speed mode, media speed mode and low speed mode.
Cheerson CX-12There is no need to worry any safety problem, cause the ultra-low CG as well as powerful gyro will keep it stable. What’s more, the LED lights built on Cheerson CX-12 ensures both day and night flights. After so long words, I just want to reminder you the mini fighter could be what children hope for!
Cheerson CX-12

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