Smallest Quad-Copter Cheerson CX-10A with Headless Mode& 6-axis gyro

Cheerson CX-10A

Sometimes I wonder how small that a mini quad-copter could be, apparently I got the answer since Cheerson CX-10A was launched recently. With 40mm in length and width, 22mm in height, the ultra-mini quad-copter only weighs 12g. How could you believe the quad-copter gathers the latest design and devices into such a mini module! Wow, let’s go to see what’s the difference between the mini quad-copter and its sibling.
Cheerson CX-10AA mini quad-copter should be very eye-catching in the first sight, and I won’t pay for it if not stylish in appearance. In line with demand of customers, Cheerson CX-10A decidedly abandons commercialized coating, but dedicate to design coating with visual satisfy. There are four colors of this series quad-copter, namely white, black, silver and golden. It’s clearly that the mini quad-copter promotes stylish and simple conception, which conforms to aesthetics of most people.

Cheerson CX-10A
Coming to its flight performance: Adopting the latest flight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyroscope, mini quad-copter Cheerson CX-10A is endowed with unexpected stability and sensitivity. Hobbyists are allowed to fly it both indoor and outdoor, even if in windy outdoor, it can keep stable bearing as usual. When flying into wrong direction, it can automatically correct its flight attitude. That is to say, the quad-copter is of very high control ability to both experienced pilots and beginners.
Cheerson CX-10ANormal flights like flying up/down, forward/backward, turning left/right as well as hovering can reach with ease. Besides, Cheerson CX-10A is capable of rolling, flipping, crabbing and tumbling in four directions. Let alone, the quad-copter supports headless mode. Usually, the flying direction is consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it pints. And all these flight should be reached with a handy remote controller which is also easy to master.
Cheerson CX-10AWhat’s more, there are shining LED lights built on the rubber foot, ensuring both day and night flying. Now it’s winter and Christmas day is nearing, why not get a present like Cheerson CX-10A to cheer up the kids?

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