Mini 3D Helicopter Hisky HCP100S Shining for Its Configuration& Stunts

Hisky HCP100S

At the end of year 2014, an expectant mini 3D helicopter Hisky HCP100S was finally released. What a piece of wonderful news for hobbyists! It comes to us not late or earlier, fortunately in winter with its super-striking green canopy shining in such quiet and boring winter sky. As far as I’m concerned, a 3D helicopter should never be too modest in configuration or stunts, while  HCP100S will show its flamboyant appearance as well as fancy stunts.

Dedicated to make the best 3D helicopter, Hisky HCP100S undoubtedly takes the best collection of components. With 293mm in length, 45mm in width and 87.5mm in height, the copter only weighs 79g, from which it must possesses super concise and compact structure. For instance, the flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyroscope is taken to ensure more sensitive and stable flight. Besides, this helicopter is specially compatible with  DSMX satellite receiver. For sake of ultra-low CG that you can clearly tell from the picture, the copter is endowed with comparatively stronger wind resistance. No matter flying indoor or outdoor, it always keeps its fast and furious bearing in the sky.

Hisky HCP100S
What makes Hisky HCP100S different from others? For sure it’s the dual brushless motor design adopted by the reliable helicopter that makes it the most powerful 3D helicopter. Thus, you have no ideal what amazing stunt it will present next second! It’s two wasteful to let you demonstrate its normal up/down, forward/backward and sides flights, cause the flight in several minutes should be cost in fancy flights such as hovering, flipping, rolling, 360o rotating, soaring, pitching as well as inverted flying. In a word, it’s able to achieve all kinds of 3D movements.

Hisky HCP100S
Hisky HCP100S doesn’t mean to mask its ambition and aggression by taking canopy in light green coating. For one thing, it does enhance appreciation when doing stimulating 3D movements. For another thing, the striking canopy helps you identify flying direction to ensure better safety. What’s more, we’re in winter now and Christmas day is coming, it’s the time to fly a mini 3D copter indoor. And would be a bravo gift for children keen on RC helicopter.

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