Follow-Me Mode Provided by Walkera Scout X4 for Extreme Sports FPV

Walkera Scout X4

The best FPV equipment this year of course is Walkera Scout X4. Inheriting traditional quad-copter outlook, it made a new milestone overwhelmingly surpass its similar products, making it warmly applied to exploration program photography. Especially for some professional FPV enthusiasts, they couldn’t be fond of follow-me mode too much, cause it not only can promote shooting accuracy but also is able to ease operation.

There is no denying that the best FPV should be reached by a set of comparable aerial device, here I mean something apart from the quad-copter. At least, three-axis gimbal and iLook full HD camera are the best among the same category products, of all which is effectively compatible with the Walkera Scout X4. In addition, the quad-copter is equipped with DEVO F12E transmitter with high-resolution LCD display. The best FPV solution that you’ve ever had!

Walkera Scout X4
In line with high flight requirements, Walkera Scout X4 provides 128 way-points GPS positioning which is far beyond your expectation. The transmitter is to control the flight while there needs a mobile device with touch screen to set take-off points and destination. What’s more, enthusiasts can set a moving object via the touch screen, which starts what I call follow-me mode. Under the mode, there is not need to manually control the copter to follow the object, but the quad-copter can intelligently as well as precisely capture the moving object.
Walkera Scout X4 Walkera Scout X4Actually, the photography won’t be accurate without follow-me mode. After all, you can’t keep every moment in the lens specially when photographing extreme sports. Motor cycling and surfing, skiing are extreme sports in very fast speed, which is not easy to control via the transmitter. Once per-set the object to follow, Walkera Scout X4 will automatically follow and won’t lost the object wherever it goes. Besides, you are allowed to start a unique self-driving travel if taking the quad-copter with you. Every beautiful scenery in the way won’t miss you, and you can record them to last it forever.
Walkera Scout X4Last but not least, Walkera Scout X4 is endowed with some special features like IOC mode. The flying direction usually keeps consistent with the nose, under the mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. Or you can start object-circling feature, under the mode, the quad-copter will fly around the established object, which is very suited to make large-scale photography. Fail-safe or one-key-go-home function is to ensure better safety. When the LED lights blank, it means the battery is under low voltage and you should change it instantly.

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