Nothing is more suitable than JJRC H9D for entry-level FPV hobbyists


All-inclusive FPV equipment not only goes for large-scale photography, but also goes for relatively small-range shooting. JJRC H9D is the first advocate adopting all-in-one design in accordance with demand of FPV beginners. Generally, there is a quad-copter with 23cm in length and width, 23cm in height, an mini camera built on the nose of the copter, as well as a specially equipped remote controller with flight data monitor screen and video real-time display as well.
JJRC H9DFirst and foremost, the small quad-copter is featured by its gorgeous flying attitude. Utilizing flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyroscope, JJRC H9D is capable of flying up/down, forward/backward and tuning left/right. Let alone, it allows to reach stable hovering, 360o rotating, flipping and so on, greatly enhancing more interesting FPV perspectives. On account of the adjustable gyro, the quad-copter can automatically adjust its flying attitude when flying into wrong direction.
JJRC H9DFor new-in enthusiasts, stable flights and HD camera are two important factors when it comes to photographing. As for JJRC H9D, the mini camera on the nose keeps the same stability as the quad-copter while flying. I bet you’ve never expect that the ultra-mini camera possesses 2M pixels. Here I have to mention the remote controller with a LCD display screen. Actually, the controller supports real-time image monitoring, which allows beginners to enjoy miraculous flights and scenery in first person of view.

JJRC H9D JJRC H9DLet’s talk more about the remote controller, the 2.4G digital transmission is more accurate in operation, also more sensitive in response, and it ensures further remote distance. There is a flight data monitor on the case of the transmitter, helping you keep the copter in better condition. Apart from image monitoring, the LCD display screen can also real-time monitor the weather, battery, temperature and altitude as well. To ensure safety, quad-copter JJRC H9D gets removable propellers protection covers.
JJRC H9DIn terms of its mini size, the helicopter is suited to fly both indoor and outdoor. When photographing indoor, you’d better put on the covers to protect the propellers. When photographing outdoor, removing the covers can reduce some load for the copter. Anyway, beginners will gain a lot because of all-in-one design and all-inclusive devices adopted by JJRC H9D.

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