Handy& Smart Walkera Devo 7E Transmitter with LCD Screen Mainly for RC Helicopter

Walkera Devo 7E

When it comes to remote controller, Walkera Devo 7E is one of the most popular transmitters deeply beloved by a mass of hobbyists. The2.4GHz transmitter utilizes the standard new generation radio system, ensuring longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue. Different from traditional controller, it allows to fly many helicopter at the same time without interference for sake of its 2.4GHz radio system.

The more experienced enthusiasts you are, the more particular you’re about hand feeling of a remote controller. As the picture shows, all buttons and switches are well organized on the case. Details sometimes determine the quality, which goes very well to Walkera Devo 7E. Made in line with ergonomics design, the anti-skid design makes it more stable while being held in hand. Meanwhile, the shell made of black lacquer is quiet handy and it possesses function of absorbing sweat stainless steel holder.
Walkera Devo 7EWhat’s more, there is a LCD screen on the the case of Walkera Devo 7E. Even under very strong sunshine, the LCD screen can be easily seen with clear fight data. With telemetry and and function setting, hobbyists are allowed to enjoy safe flight in that the built-telemetry module function can transmits vital model feedback to the transmitter. Simply speaking, the LCD screen will help you monitor the data of battery, temperature, RPM, GPS as well as flying statues, which effectively decreases possibility of crash.
Walkera Devo 7EFurthermore, the 7CH remote controller allows USB upgrade via a programmer, reaching the newest program always. with exquisite inner structure, the transmitter is compatible to flight control system with adjustable gyroscope, which greatly eases 3D fancy stunts. Generally, Walkera Devo 7E can operate two helicopter at the same time, and it can keep 30 flight model data in store. The most important thing is, the remote controller can be widely applied to mini helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and even some of large-size multi-rotor aircraft.
Walkera Devo 7E

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