Playing 12 Hole Ocarina: the best way to relax and reduce pressure

12 hole ocarina

Most of time we make our brain too tight, in fact, living in fast-pace 21th century always brings much pressure to our body and spirit. Probably you’ve tried those ways to relax yourself like singing in KTV, unhealthy drinking, fast driving, etc. Are you tired towards the old entertainments? If you want to find heart piece, the best way is to learn a special instrument like 12 Hole Ocarina which is widely known by fans of Legend of Zelda.

As a matter of fact, ocarina is very rare and unique instrument. Been developed through a long history, ocarina now allows to play very complete musical scale. Generally, ocarina could be made of different material such as argil, petuntse, red porcelain, timber and so on. Due to different material, the timbre and attribute are very unlike. However, there are some features shared by all ocarinas, for instance, they’re kind of fragile but very appreciative.

12 hole ocarina 12 hole ocarina
In line with different requirement, there are different number of holes on its body, the most common ocarinas are 6 hole and 12 hole ocarina. Especially, 12 Hole Ocarina is warmly beloved by many fans of Legend of Zelda. Thus, there are many stylish and terrific ocarinas on the market. Some people take it home as an impressive decoration. Whatever, you can’t deny that the smart instrument really cheer you up even if it’s just quietly standing on the table.

12 hole ocarina 12 hole ocarina 12 hole ocarina
As I mentioned before, different ocarinas shares some common features, the another for sure is good sounding. The sound it produce is not like what a flute produces or an erhu produces, which seems combine features of two kinds of instruments. Erhu sounds very striking but too sorrowful while flute sounds very smooth but not so sedate. And ocarina is both very striking and smooth like birds singing in the morning, which can light up your mood.

12 hole ocarina
Peculiar instrument as ocarina is, it’s not so difficult to learn. Some people think that 6 hole ocarina is suitable for beginners, but experienced players must know 12 Hole Ocarina is more suitable. When you hold the ocarina and get your fingers crossed 6 hole ocarina, and you’ll find it’s not so easy for you. Contrarily, the fingering of 12 hole ocarina is much easier to master. Therefore, if you have plenty time to kill in your spare time, why not pick up the new hobby!
12 hole ocarina

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