Excellent All-Inclusive Walkera QR X350 FPV Quad-Copter Summary

Walkera QR X350

Walkera goes too far towards FPV quad-copter although it’s not the first brand dedicated to aerial equipment. Today I will introduce a classical FPV quad-copter, that is Walkera QR X350. Taking successful experience from previous FPV quad-copters, it adopts all-in-one design combining main controller, gyro, sensors, accelerometer, barometer and GPS system into one module. Now let’s go deeper of it.

Walkera QR X350
There is no denying that stability and accuracy are two significant factors when taking aerial photography especially for large-range photographing. For that sake, Walkera QR X350 utilizes the latest three-axis gyroscope which plays key role to stable flights. In addition, the high-precision GPS positioning makes it more accurate when hovering around an established object. Let alone, the two-stabilization mount ensures stable control towards the camera.
Walkera QR X350Aerial photography shocks us cause it reaches extremely untouchable perspectives. It turns out special perspectives make more interesting photography, and such perspectives are often realized by fancy stunts like hovering, rolling as well as 360o rotating, of all which are provided by Walkera QR X350. As long as the camera possesses comparably high pixels, there is no worry to make fantastic aerial photography.
Walkera QR X350As for camera it carries, Walkera QR X350 can be compatible with a variety of full HD cams like iLook and Hero series. Besides, the quad-copter supports many DEVO remote controllers like DEVO 10 or DEVO F7. Whatever transmitter you take, the control range can reach 1000m and even more. Within the control range, there is stable and smooth wireless network connected flight control system with remote controller which I will mention next.Walkera QR X350Since the flight control system support real-time image transmission, you’d better equip an intelligent remote controller with LCD display. DEVO F7 with LCD display allows you to enjoy amazing photography in first person of view. Even if the transmitter is without LCD display, you can reach transmission via an mobile phone with touch screen after downloading related software. The video and picture it take could be replayed after the quad-copter landing.
Walkera QR X350What’s more, Walkera QR X350 supports 25mins flight time as well as full DH camera compatibility. Finally, there are many LED lights built on the its axis, ensuring both day and night aerial photography. Also, when the battery is at low voltage, these lights will blank to warm you to change battery.

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