KBAR K8: three-axis gyro flybarless system compatible with RC helicopter


Flybarless RC helicopter now takes the main market, to better demonstrate flybarless system, there must be a reliable three-axis gyroscope like KBAR K8. As is know to all, flybarless system is featured by its faster response and higher efficiency, while three-axis gyroscope is the latest gyro for 3D fancy flight. Two of them work together can achieve better 3D movements. Besides, the K8 could be applied to most of 3D helicopters on the market.
KBAR K8The small-size gyro actually is very easy and convenient to install on a certain helicopter with 38mm in length, 30mm in width and 13mm in height. Single-blade copter especially for mini copter of course is a little uncontrollable if you’re lack of experience, but it’s could be both controllable and sensitive with a three-axis gyroscope like KBAR K8. Sometimes the original gyro is not great as the manufacturer describes, if longing for great 3D performance, you’d better change what really deserves the complement.
KBAR K8Before putting the gyro into a certain helicopter, you should know a high-level gyroscope will possess more considerate features to reach its high stability and sensitivity. Still take KBAR K8 for example, it supports satellite and 3Pcs servo cable. For ensure, suitable adjustment can be done at the field in your transmitter as well as personal computer. There is a data cable in packed with the gyro, which will help you upgrade it online if available.
Last but not least, KBAR K8 with 5.3.4PRO software is already the latest version, but who knows whether there will be a new version surpass it someday. As for K8, you are allowed to set new standards for model helicopter in terms of flight performance and programming capacity. And all these can be achieved through a computer or android phone via Bluetooth. Everyone is rushing to have it, don’t be hesitated.

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