Happycow 777-216: A shining fish shuttle back and forth in the water

Happycow 777-216

I hope I was a fish freely swimming in the water, even if I couldn’t be, I hope I would receive a gift like Happycow 777-216! Children may have special wishes while birthday is nearing. Now it’s winter and Christmas day is coming, it’s not suited to carry on some interesting activities in outdoor. A cute little present like a mini submarine actually is a nice choice if you’re stuck what to prepare to welcome Christmas.

Since there is a mass of new toys emerging every year, it’s kind of hard to cheer up or surprise these picky boys and girls. When I was a child, it seemed that I was pretty fond of water battle. Every time my cousin came by, I would change my cloth for times. If there was a submarine like  Happycow 777-216, then we could have more fun and I wouldn’t have a cold caused by the water battle. Now, I hope this cute mini toy could cheer up my son.
Happycow 777-216 Happycow 777-216Shipping on the water surface really makes a submarine like a boat, actually it’s more interesting than a model boat. Since it’s a mini submarine, Happycow 777-216 for sure can easily reach rising and descending in the water. What’s more, it allows to move forward and backward in the water, as well as to turn left and right. If skillful to operate the remote controller, the submarine would be a free fish in the water. Any way, children will satisfy this little present.
Happycow 777-216Furthermore, there are two shining LED lights on the forehead of the submarine, which really looks like the eyes of shining fish. The mini submarine adopts patented technology of absorbing water, draining off water as well as turning in water. That is to say, water will never get into the inner of the submarine. In addition, Happycow 777-216 possesses low voltage protection feature. When the battery in relatively low power, the submarine will automatically rise to the surface.

Happycow 777-216 Happycow 777-216
All above, the mini submarine is uneasy to break by incidental collision or hard dash due to the first-grade plastic material and exquisite workmanship. With exquisite design and eye-catching style, I think every kid would like such special RC toy. Now it’s time to give your child some surprise and entertainment.
Happycow 777-216

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