The hottest mini quad-copter Hubsan X4 with six-axis gyroscope and mini camera

Hubsan H107D

Most of the time, mini quad-copter is for birthday present to cheer up children. Some older enthusiasts are fond of mini quad-copter in that neat as well as stylish quad-copter really provides people with sunny and pleasant mood. Thus a terrific mini quad-copter is not only outstanding in performance but also in appearance. Today, I will give a review towards one of the hottest quad-copters Hubsan X4.
Hubsan H107DWith 75mm in both length and width, this copter gets pretty simple and elegant fuselage. I’ll never be stingy to give my flattering word on a cute little quad-copter, as for Hubsan X4, I think there is no adjective comparable to describe its hollow design on the top head. For one thing, the hollow holes make the copter resemble a flying insect with vivid eyes, which is very shining with lights on. For another thing, these holes dramatically enhance heat dissipation to lengthen its service life.
Hubsan X4 H107CAdopting the latest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyro, the mini quad-copter is able to reach stable flights such as up/down, forward/backward flights and turning left/right. What’s more, Hubsan X4 is capable of hovering, rolling, 360o rotating, crabbing, flipping,etc. It is the adjustable gyro that corrects the direction flaw featuring all mini copter. That is, the copter can correct its flying attitude by itself if flying into wrong direction. Therefore, you can fly it both indoor and outdoor.
Hubsan X4 H107LIn addition, there is a super-smooth remote controller equipped with a LCD display. When it comes to the display, I almost forget to tell you guys that the copter has a mini camera on its nose. In another word, Hubsan X4 supports real-time FPV function, which permits to enjoy photography in the first person of view. According to individual habit, you are allowed to choose between left and right throttle modes. Whatever aims you hold to get the copter, it’s far beyond your expectation anyway.
Hubsan H107C BNFLast but not least, there are four LED lights on the rubber foot and several scattered lights in its body, reflecting by those hollow holes mentioned before, Hubsan X4 is nearly a dancing elf in the air. Especially for night flight, the copter is pretty shining and eye-catching. Besides, there is a circle of removable propellers protection cover around it. When flying indoor, it’s better for you to put on the cover. While flying outdoor, then you may take off the cover and let the copter be freer.

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