A General Review about Particularly Popular KK2.1 Flight Controller

KK2.1 Flight Controller

A multi-rotor controller supporting LCD screen, accelerometers as well as gyro like KK2.1 Flight Controller always wins very good reputation about enthusiasts. With exquisitely manual soldering,  the controller board may be less from perfect but still is endowed with very sensitive contact. Since it’s possesses relatively small body and light weight, it can be compatible with a mass of multi-rotor airplanes.
KK2.1 Flight ControllerFirst and foremost, you can’t help appealing to the outstanding LCD screen on the center of the controller board. Frankly speaking, the screen is plays very important role in adjusting or selecting different aircraft flight types. Before installing KK2.1 Flight Controller into the aircraft, there are lots of work required to be done by you. Yes, you have to make very elaborate adjustment towards the flight controller to make it compatible to a certain aircraft.
KK2.1 Flight ControllerNow let’s turn to PI Editor which is also very important to achieve idealized flights. The PI fain and limit values define how aggressively KK2.1 Flight Controller is towards flying attitude and orientation. Specially for enthusiasts who are fond of fancy flights, this step is of great significance. Anyway, the PI limits values determines what range of control inputs the controller is allowed to make to counteract external influences.
KK2.1 Flight ControllerReceiver test is the way to makes sure that KK2.1 Flight Controller does interact with a certain remote controller. The receiver test displaying left/ right as well as forward/backward etc actually show you without uncertain terms if one or more channels need to be reversed on the remote controller, which makes the setting up other flight controllers feel like working blindfolded and eliminates the chance for nasty surprise.
KK2.1 Flight ControllerAbout the mode settings: Generally, the flight controller supports self-stabilization settings mode and aerobatic settings mode. The aircraft can automatically return to level flying from tilting flying after you lose the rocker on the remote controller. If KK2.1 Flight Controller is under self-stabilization settings mode, then you don’t have to make big action towards the rocker, cause it will turn to aerobatic settings mode without special operation.
KK2.1 Flight Controller
Of course, you can make it more compatible to do fancy flights. After finishing all steps, it’s time to make a flying test. And you can see KK2.1 Flight Controller is so sensitive that even very small adjustment makes a big difference. Hope you have good flight!

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