CC3D Flight Controller: Very Small Adjustment Makes A Big Difference

CC3D Flight Controller

If you don’t have enough time on model aircraft, I would advance you to fly commercial flight controller. Otherwise, an Openpilot FC like CC3D Flight Controller definitely is the best choice for you. Different from most flight controller on the market, small adjustment made on the FC will make a big difference, which is the undeniable charm of an Openpilot flight controller. If interested, you can keep reading.
CC3D Flight ControllerWhen it comes to flight controller, the biggest headache is how to make the adjustment. The introduction is always too long to make it clear. Toady, I will show how exactly to set and adjust the flight controller. Here we go, CC3D Flight Controller possesses three stabilization settings windows: basic stabilization settings, advanced stabilization settings and expert stabilization settings.
CC3D Flight ControllerFirstly, default stabilization settings of the flight controller included with firmware generally is expected to fly your aircraft with a reasonable level of stability. Many people have never changed from the default stabilization setting, but tweaking of these parameter can optimize the fight characteristics of your particular aircraft based on the size, weight and each aircraft’s unique configuration. So you’re gonna make some changes.
CC3D Flight Controller
Now let’s take basic stabilization settings for example: there are three adjustable parameters of CC3D Flight Controller you should pay attention if seeking for more amazing flights, respectively attitude mode, rate mode and proportional. Attitude mode configures the sticks responsiveness in attitude and rattitude mode, and its data directly determines the lean angle at full stick deflection in roll and pitch.
CC3D Flight ControllerRate mode configures the stick responsiveness in modes like rate axis-lock and also rattitude, whose value is to define how fast the aircraft move. Besides, proportional configures how much throttle change stabilization should apply to achieve a certain flipping speed. Higher values make it behave more snappy while lower value might behave more sluggish, but too high and it might start wobbling and oscillating.
CC3D Flight ControllerAll right, the function of CC3D Flight Controller will grow with the pilot. It’s kind of hard for beginners to play Openpilot FC, but I think it would be a nice start. Thus, I hope what I’ve put in could really help you. As time goes by, you’ll gain a lot on your flights if adopting such amazing flight controller.
CC3D Flight Controller

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