High-Strength DJI Phantom 2 Propeller made in line with aerodynamics

DJI Phantom Self-locking Propeller

Adopting terrific all-in-one design with super outstanding components, DJI phantom series quad-copters have enjoyed very high reputation since they released on the market. Take one of those part DJI Phantom 2 Propeller for example, it’s professionally made in accordance with aerodynamics.While enthusiasts are busy to get more powerful motor or battery, reliable propellers also contribute a lot to the higher and faster flight.
Carbon Fiber Propeller DJI Phantom Self-locking PropellerYou shouldn’t look down upon a small and thin propeller, as a matter of fact, DJI Phantom 2 Propeller adopts imported carbon fiber material which is of high-strength and light weight. It not only adds very low load to the quad-copter, but also enhances pulling power to some extents. What’s more, propellers are independent from the main frame always, which means they’re probably deformed when the quad-copter crashes. If utilizing high-strength carbon fiber propellers , the quad-copter can survive many crashes.
DJI Phantom 2 Protection CoverApart from those propellers applied to DJI phantom quad-copter, there are a mass of propellers in special design provided by DJI original manufacturer as well. According to the different demands, DJI Phantom 2 Propeller offers two-blade propellers made by high-end plastic of great durability for people deadly lack of experience, and three-blade propellers for experienced enthusiasts who want to make a little change towards the original equipment. In addition, you’re allowed to apply those propellers to your DIY aircraft, too.
DJI Phantom 2 propellerGenerally speaking, DJI phantom 2 propellers can meet all demands of you. For people who making professional aerial photography by DJI phantom series equipment, you must prepare several propellers. However skillful you are, accidents will find you someday. For beginners, you’d better choose high-strength carbon fiber propellers in that the quad-copter operated by you might suffer from many crashes. Finally, DIY enthusiasts must adopt durable and efficient propellers if you mean to reach high-level aerial photography.

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