DFC Tarot 450 Rotor Head: featured by super-low CG and exquisite construction

Tarot 450 DFC Head

However fabulous flight control system a copter possesses, it couldn’t reach compatibly capable  flights performance without a reliable rotor head. Of course, the same rotor head will be different with certain settings. Today, I would like recommend you Tarot 450 Rotor Head specially applied to single-blade helicopter. Based on previous experience, the improved rotor head is characterized by its low CG and delicate structure.

Tarot 450 DFC Head Tarot 450 DFC Head
First and foremost, the rotor head is very closed to the center of gravity when installed into a copter adopting ultra-low center of gravity and shorter spindle design, which effectively enhances flying speed as well as sensitivity of rolling, rotating and more 3D movements. At the same time, DFC Tarot 450 Rotor Head ensures more stable hovering even in windy outdoor, pretty suitable for DIY enthusiasts to make aerial enthusiasts.

Tarot 450DFC Rotor Head Tarot 450DFC Rotor Head
At the same time, the new DFC main rotor holder utilizes the three-points V-shaped lock design. On the one hand, it indirectly lengthens the sides swing axis of the bearing. On the other hand, the V-shaped lock design can decrease phantom swing to some extents. What’s more, the bigger bearing allows to support stronger pulling power to meet all requirements of the main aircraft on the market.
Tarot TL2413
In addition, the new anti-shot horizontal axis overall tensile design is inherited 480 standard, effectively reducing the blade-shot possibility. Meanwhile, the new DFC anti-shot bearing can prevent the fixed holder from damaging. Other highlights about the rotor head: the independent, innovative and inclined push rod structure design better serves 3D fancy movements; the trapezoidal horizontal axis washer can better pass rubber biasing load.

Tarot TL45110-02
What’s more, Tarot 450 Rotor Head is made in line with aluminum computer numerical control technology. For one thing, it is endowed with high mobility and reliability. For anther thing, the aluminum alloy material can greatly reduce the whole load for a certain copter, which makes 3D flight more sensitive in relatively lower power consuming.

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