Swift and Violent Truck RC Car Wltoys A979 Review

Wltoys A979

As we know, the famous movie fast and furious series built a terrific and miraculous car kingdom. In reality, there is no car comparable to those ultra-fast as well as durable cars in movies. If you want to appreciate the special experience, maybe getting a off-road car RC car like Wltoys A979 is all right. With unexpected running speed and untouchable toughness, the mini RC car is endowed with more excellent performance than a real car.

What’s the most vital factors when choosing a mini RC car? Of course, it’s the durability that makes a mini car survive many collisions. Therefore, the main frame places the first. As for off-road car Wltoys A979, it’s divided into two parts, respectively the shell and the car base. Adopting HASP fixed design to combine the shell and the base, the car is very convenient to install or disassemble or maintain. The shell is covered by high toughness explosion-proof PVC, you can tear off the film before playing.
Wltoys A979 Wltoys A979Now let’s turn to the base which is the determined part when it comes to its service life. Firstly, you’ll be attracted by the four thickening rubber tires, cause they actually are inherited from the real tire both in structure and material. Generally, the rubber tires possesses pretty awesome anti-skidding ability. What’s more, there are four hanging holders connecting tires and general base, which effectively reduces the friction caused by car body vibration. Besides, the car owns a independent shock mitigation system, decreasing damage and vibration as well.
Wltoys A979
In addition, the powerful motor endows Wltoys A979 with running speed to 50km/h, which far exceeds your expectation. As I mentioned before, the durable tires are so reliable that they can even walk and run on the cobbled road. Furthermore, the off-road car have water-proof feature, that is, it allows to running though the wading pool. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?
Wltoys A979 Wltoys A979
All in all, Wltoys A979 is exquisitely made in both appearance and inner construction. If you really mean to experience passionate and crazy car round, you shouldn’t miss such swift and violent off-road car for sure!

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