Wltoys V911: A Beloved Helicopter for 3D Flying Beginners

Wltoys V911

Flying experience will be accumulated day by day if you truly enjoy the cool and free bearing in the air. Thus, you will change a new helicopter when skillful in flying the copter you own now. For these enthusiasts eager to experience 3D stunts, Wltoys V911 could be very nice choice. Since it’s released on the market, the helicopter has wined pretty high reputation among a large amount of players.

Featured by the mini and compact structure, helicopter Wltoys V911 is 220mm in length, 50mm in width and 82mm in height. If without power system, the helicopter only weighs 27.8g. How could you imagine what kind of components it possesses on earth! The streamlined structure ensues high accuracy when doing 3D movements. Maybe it’s not the most powerful 3D helicopter, it will be the best one that can really cheer up 3D beginners.
Wltoys V911 Wltoys V911 Wltoys V911The single-blade helicopter actually adopts flight control system with adjustable gyroscope, which effectively compensates flight stability. Usually, small size copter is often too flexible to control for players lack of 3D flying experience. Because of the gyro and lower CG as well as scientific fuselage, Wltoys V911 can show you high-appreciative fancy stunts in great stability and sensitivity.
Wltoys V911Generally speaking, the mini helicopter is capable of rising and falling, forward and backward flying, turning left and right as well as some fancy stunts like hovering and 360o rotating. Of course, all these flight must be done with a intelligent remote controller which is easy to master. And all operation prints are well organized on the controller case. Just remember: as long as you are diligent, you can finally master to flying higher level 3D copter.
Wltoys V911 Wltoys V911
Moreover, every part of Wltoys V911 helicopter utilizes advanced material to ensures better durability. For example, the main blade which is naked in the air could be warped but never deformed. Let alone, more precise components are covered by a durable shell that can survive many crashes. In a word, the design conception is to let you trustingly enjoy stimulating 3D flights!
Wltoys V911

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