Walkera NEW V450D01: Awesome 3D Helicopter That You Can’t Miss!

Walkera NEW V450D01

There are too many things to talk about Walkera NEW V450D01, a extremely fancy 3D helicopter appealing to you in all sides. It only weighs 768g with 670mm in overall length, which is featured by super streamlined body. Adopting flybarless system and six-axis gyro, the helicopter is capable of doing all kinds of fancy stunts in super sensitivity and stability.

First and foremost, let’s take a whole look at its fuselage. From the flank, the copter is clearly endowed with ultra-low center of gravity, which enhances wind resistance to some extents. CNC-machined metal rotor head and flybarless design features high stability and flexibility in 3D movements. Even the canopy is specially designed in accordance with aerodynamics, more freely while flying in the air. Besides, I’m pretty into the main blade and tail blade with red stripe making 3D stunts more shining.
Walkera NEW V450D01Taking off the canopy, the frame made by carbon fiber actually is very reasonable. The carbon fiber main frame is accurately formed with different sizes of holders for motor and battery and other components. Utilizing upgraded six-axis gyro control system integrating with a receiver, Walkera NEW V450D01 can automatically correct flight attitude, which is easy to control for both basic and 3D flights. In addition, the main blade adopts the new compound carbon fiber materials, possessing better rigidity and toughness.

Walkera NEW V450D01
Now let’s turn to the fancy stunts: it seem that nothing can’t be achieved by the 3D helicopter. Apart from normal flights and stable hovering, the 6CH copter reaches rolling, 360o rotating, inverted flying, vertical flying and so on. The best part is, the last movement can smoothly come up with next movement. No matter for vertical flying or pitching, the 3D helicopter always keeps its fast and furious bearing. What’s more, there are many types of DEVO transmitters compatible with the copter. As long as you’re skillful at the transmitter, you can achieve better flights.

Walkera NEW V450D01
As has been stated above, Walkera NEW V450D01 is the awesome work done by Walkera. Anyway, you’ll be attracted by such cool 3D helicopter even if it’s not Walkera product. It is just so undeniable and perfect in every detail. Finally, I strongly suggest you flying the amazing helicopter in a open and wide ground, considering its size and potential flight performance.

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