MJX F45: Great Birthday Present to Friends Keen on Flying Helicopter


Every copter enthusiast will be impressed by MJX F45 in terms of its delicate appearance and compact fuselage. Large size as it possesses, the helicopter looks so exquisite from all perspectives. Although it’s not a 3D helicopter, it’s endowed with super stability than other can’t reach. After all, flying stability is what all enthusiasts pursue on earth.
MJX F45 MJX F45This single-blade copter is 70cm in length,10cm in width and 20cm in height. Due to its large size, the copter is suited to fly outdoor where there is an open ground. So here comes the problem: Does the helicopter stably fly outdoor with comparatively strong wind? Adopting MEMS gyro, copter MJX F45 can automatically correct flying attitude if flying into wrong direction. Anyway, the gyroscope ensures pretty high flight stability in different conditions.
MJX F45In addition, the helicopter utilizes full proportional servo system applied to control the helicopter’s forward and backward flights, which dramatically increases the flight stability and response sensitivity as well as smoothness. In addition, there is a 2.4GHz radio remote controller owning characteristics of long control distance and strong anti-interference ability. Conducted by the controller, MJX F45 achieves super-sensitive normal flights as well as stable hovering.
MJX F45What’s more, the single-blade copter possesses video function, which far surpass your expectation. For sake of the intelligent PCB board, the helicopter can be mounted with high-pixel camera and take video when it flying. Since MJX F45 is a ready-to-fly copter, you are allowed to reach video function after installing a camera. The installation is very easy and convenient, and camera angle is adjustable, also the camera can be turned on or off when necessary.

Moreover, there is a shining searchlight built on the button of the copter, which not only ensures night flight but also makes MJX F45 more charming. Considering flight safety, the main propeller is made of special soft project material. During the process of flying, it will power off automatically when the propeller locked to protect itself. Come on! Go and get it, your friend wouldn’t love it too much!

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