Recently, goggles glasses like SkyZone Goggles is very popular with a mass of people. It’s said that your angle of view will get larger after wearing the glasses, which sounds pretty much like 3D glasses. Actually, there is no need to wear extra myopic glasses if you are shortsighted, cause the goggles glasses lens can automatically correct myopic sight. Designed in line with the most advanced technology, the glasses ensures super amazing visual and vocal feast.
SkyZone Goggles SkyZone GogglesWith the fast development of photographing, goggle glasses has been widely applied to aerial fields. Bravely, the goggles glasses can track signal output to the transmitter via inbuilt AV receiver, then the transmitter will transfer signal with the flight control system in RC aircraft. Thus, images and sound captured by camera back to the glasses by the AV transmitter. Because of the large view LCD display, the goggles glasses can real-time monitor the flight in first person of view.
SkyZone Goggles SkyZone GogglesApart from aerial photography, goggles glasses is also suitable for people fond of watching TV. There are several prints and interfaces well-organized on the glasses. As a matter of fact, it is not only a pair of glasses but also a headphone. You are allowed freely to change channels or adjust the voice by personal will. Imaging this: you are lying on the sofa eating tasty fruits, all the scenes in TV are amplified with the SkyZone Goggles, and you’re totally lost in vivid TV series.
SkyZone GogglesWhat’s more, wearing a pair of goggles glasses allows you to see the images from the virtual real-time large-screen display and hear very high-fidelity sound. For people who are keen on playing 3D games, goggles glasses really help you reach incomparable gaming scenes just like in the real battle. Equipped with a external camera, you can deal with trifle things without removing the glasses. Don’t you think that a pair of SkyZone Goggles is a nice company in your spear time?
SkyZone GogglesFurther more, the goggles glasses is suitable for long time wearing. Adopting transmission high-resolution LCD display, there is absolutely no radiation when wearing it. At the same time, the goggles glasses can be freely adjusted according to different sizes of individual head. Even the plastic frame is made of high-level plastic, very soft to human skin. All in all, SkyZone Goggles is very comfortable to wear for its ergonomics design.

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