Better flight performance presented by a helicopter like Wltoys V912

WLtoys V912

As is known to all, single-blade helicopter seems very challenging for beginners. However, you can really gain some skills if flying it. Is single-blade helicopter truly so difficult to master? Of course, the answer is no! Firstly, you have to choose the right helicopter like Wltoys V912 which is very suitable for enthusiasts scouting for stable flights.
WLtoys V912Personally, I’m pretty fond of the outstanding shell in light yellow, green and black color-matched coating. Sometime, the striking shell can help pilots better identify the flying direction. Why is Wltoys V912 capable of stable flying? Firstly, it’s 520mm in length, 85mm in width as well as 155mm in height. Different from mini size single-blade copter, this one with bigger head possesses better wind resistance. After all, stability should always be in the first place.
WLtoys V912In addition, the mini gyro built in the its body does enhance flying stability. At the same time, the helicopter possesses ultra-low center of gravity, which also contribute to stable flights. What’s more, the rotor head of Wltoys V912 is strictly refined. Based on previous experience, it makes a big progress on general performance. For instance, the long travel servo is to increase agility, tail spur gears is for better rudder control.
WLtoys V912Besides, Wltoys V912 utilizes the flybar system for better stability. The heavy weight on each end of the flybar makes it become a mechanical gyro. Single-rotor copter is not easy for beginners because they are too agile. To make them easier to fly, you can change the placement of he flybar from 90o to 45o to make it more smooth and stable. The less aggressive placement of flybar results in slower movement.
WLtoys V912Furthermore, you’d better find a open and wide ground to fly Wltoys V912 in terms of its large size. What’s more, the helicopter has gone through the test of flying windy outside. You are allowed to take it to the park with light breeze,surely you will instantly become the focus among people. With the exquisite appearance and structure, you can enjoy high-appreciative flights with delight.
WLtoys V912

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