Starting to fly single-blade helicopter from Syma F3

Syma F3

If you used to fly coaxial helicopter as beginners, now it’s time to face the new challenge, that is flying single-blade helicopter like Syma F3. It’s different from a 3D copter with admiring fancy flights, but what it purse is stable and appealing flying bearing. From overall sides, the mini copter is endowed with capable components and high control ability, which is perfectly fit for beginners.

With 245mm in length, 5mm in width and 90mm in height, the mini helicopter happens to take up an adult’s whole palm. There is no doubt that mini copter is capable of flexible flying, in essence, they are too flexible to be controlled by beginners. Thus, Syma F3 adopts the flight control system with adjustable gyroscope. Under the gyro, the helicopter will be better at forward and backward flights, turning left and right, as well as sides flights.
Syma F3 Syma F3In addition, the 2.4G remote controller is compatible with the 4CH helicopter. Utilizing spread spectrum technology, the controller with LCD display can real-time monitor the flight mode. With the best anti-interference ability and least power consumption, you are allowed to freely fly the helicopter. Besides, there are two mode of flying speed, namely low speed mode and high speed mode. For new-in player, you may start with low speed mode. After gaining some experience, you can start with high speed mode.
Syma F3With the streamlined and slim structure, Syma F3 is featured by its super-high stability and sensitivity. As long as you are skillful as the remote controller, cool flights can be reached without complex operation. If you really mean to enhance your control ability, you can put some barriers on the way that the copter will fly through. If the copter flies through the barrier easily, then your flight skill has been improved.
Syma F3 Syma F3
Finally, I want to tell you there is no need to worry any safety problem if flying Syma F3. The mini copter adopts pretty durable plastic of great impact resistance. Moreover, it will be power-off automatically when chocked. Because of the gyroscope, the mini copter can stably fly both indoor and outdoor. More fun is on such cute mini copter waiting for you!
Syma F3

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