The Most Slim and Lightest 3D Quad-Copter WLtoys V383 Review

WLtoys V383

It seems that all large size quad-copters are labeled “aerial equipment”, cause they possess comprehensively more stable and powerful flight performance than quad-copters in smaller size. However, the WLtoys V383 is the unexpected one. Adopting the newest and most slim structure, the quad-copter dedicates to do all kings of fancy stunts. Personally, I’m pretty into a quad-copter which focus on flying.

With 513mm in length, 429mm in width and 141mm in height, the 3D quad-copter only weighs 990g. Perhaps, it’s the most slim and lightest quad-copter that you’ve ever seen. Looking carefully, you will find it gets really compact and streamlined body. This copter has totally abandoned the old style, contrarily, WLtoys V383 owns a long as well as thin fuselage with two main bearings carrying four rotors. Besides, there are four small and exquisite landing skids respectively under two bearings

When stationary, the quad-copter looks like alphabet “H” from its side frame. Honestly, the copter is endowed with higher appreciation when doing 3D fancy stunts. Adopting the newest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyroscope, the quad-copter is capable of super stable normal flights. What’s more, fancy flights such as looping, rolling, pirouetting, hurricanes and funnels all can be perfectly presented by 3D quad-copter WLtoys V383.

WLtoys V383
Even if flying outdoor with relatively strong wind, the copter can keeps stably flying in high altitude. No matter you are experienced players or not, you can quickly master how to control it. Speaking this, you’d better equip the quad-copter with a intelligent 6CH remote controller. Moreover, WLtoys V383 allows to be controlled within 200m to 500m, which far more surpass smaller quad-copters. For sure, it’s more outstanding when flying in the air in terms of its large size.

How about flying such cool and unique quad-copter on open ground like a park or a lawn? Although winter is nearing, you can take some fresh air and enjoy the funny flights. Last but not least, quad-copter WLtoys V383 will provide you with longer time flight if supported by high-capacity Li-polymer battery.

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