SimonK 30A ESC: remarkable electronic speed controller for multi-rotor aircraft

SimonK 30A ESC

When it comes to electronic speed controller, brushless ESC wins very high reputation. Because of fast speed, high control ability and efficiency, light weight and small size, brushless ESC has been widely applied into model aircraft. Take SimonK 30A ESC for example, it’s perfectly compatible with multi-rotor aircraft specially for quad-copter. Let’s go deeper of the ESC now.
SimonK 30A ESC
Utilizing PCB board with super low internal resistance and powerful Mos driving tube with independent cooling fin, SimonK 30A ESC possesses very long service life as well as  outstanding heat resistance. At the same time, the power input adopts capacitor in ultra low resistance as well, which greatly enhances power stability.
SimonK 30A ESCIt’s widely acknowledged that the electronic speed controller is born to conduct the motor. Thus, you’d better choose a ESC according to certain feature of your motor. Actually, the motor also should be selected in line with what kind of aircraft you take.Whatever standards of motor the aircraft adopt, SimonK 30A ESC provides you with different rated current varying from 12A to 40A, meanwhile, the rotating speed can reach 210,000, 70,000 as well as 35,00 circles per minus.

SimonK 30A ESC
In addition, users can set throttle mode according to receiver it adopts. Even rotating in very low speed, the ESC ensures very stable and smooth throttle curve. If working a new remote controller,  the throttle mode must be reset to make sure two of them can perfectly react with each other. In addition, SimonK 30A ESC possesses fabulous speed adjustment and super throttle sensitivity, which provides RC enthusiasts with super amazing flying experience.

SimonK 30A ESCMoreover, SimonK 30A ESC is also endowed with features like low-voltage protection, over-heat protection. If the actual battery voltage is lower than rated voltage when the motor working, you can turn off the motor or reduce the power. Over-heat protection means the power will automatically decrease when it reaches high temperature more than 100oC. Finally, if the throttle gets lost with remote controller, throttle power will instantly get down to zero and the motor stops working. Until there is signal again, throttle power can regain.

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