iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger: the most intelligent and reliable charger

iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger

People keen on playing mode toys must hear about iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger. Why am I so sure? Because superior players always tend to choose high-capacity Li-polymer battery, and the charger is specially designed in line with feature of Li-polymer battery. An experienced player will try to lengthen the service life of Li-polymer rechargeable battery, meanwhile, they want the best safety guarantee for the model toy.
iMAX B6-AC B6AC ChargerI’m not exaggerating, only iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger can help you reach what a experienced enthusiast really wants. As we know, worry charging could lead to very bad accident. Especially for Li-polymer battery, worry charging would even lead to explosion. As for B6AC charger, it can intelligently conduct the charging current. When there is anything wrong, the charger will automatically cut off he power and give your instant warming.
iMAX B6-AC B6AC ChargerDifferent from old charger, iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger possesses a internal equalizer, which eases charging and saves much trouble for users. Generally, the equalizer only allows to conduct the battery pack but not for single battery. When charged by B6AC, every single battery could be well conducted and monitored. Still, the charger will stop charging and you will receive warming if any single battery is in abnormal condition.
iMAX B6-AC B6AC ChargerSometimes, it’s kind of torture to take long time to charge the battery. When seized with sudden impulse of playing a model toy, you even can’t wait for a minute to start playing. However, Li-polymer battery always takes time to charge. As for iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger, it supports quick charging and energy save features. That is, you can charge the battery when you have time, allowing you to play at any time you like.
iMAX B6-AC B6AC ChargerBesides, the charger possesses strict conducting system. Charging current, voltage, capacity, temperature all can be conducted by iMAX B6-AC B6AC Charger. Even the charging time can be set in case of damaging the battery due to long time charging. All in all, the charging mode is very intelligent, which can automatically adjust in line with certain situation. Choosing B6AC is choosing safety guarantee and long service life of rechargeable battery.

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