DJI Inspire 1: the first aerial quad-copter carrying on 4K camera

DJI Inspire 1

It couldn’t be too professional for a quad-copter to adopt a set of comprehensively high-level equipment, respectively the latest three-axis gimbal, intelligent battery, vision positioning system as well as incomparable 4K camera. Yes, what I’m talking about is DJI Inspire 1, the newest DJI aerial copter released several days ago. We all know DJI is the original brand dedicated to make the most professional aerial device, now let’s go deeper to the expectant quad-copter.

First and foremost, a great progress has been made towards its outer structure. Abandoning previous design with fixed axis as well as landing skid, DJI Inspire 1 will totally surprise you for its new “V” shape body which is full of sensitivity and flexibility. Experience proves that the fixed axis or landing skid sometime could be a killer to “perfect aerial scenery”. Due to fast flying speed, stimulating shakes would capture axis or landing skid into lens. With transformation fuselage, there is nothing warding off the lens.

DJI Inspire 1
When it comes to the lens, you must be curious about the 4K camera that I mentioned before. To be honest, 4K camera is even more expensive than 4K television. Firstly, a 4K camera possesses three time higher resolution than a full HD camera, that’s why it calls 4K camera. Not just for stationary pictures, you are allowed to get access to 4K resolution video. The only thing you have to do is download App software into a mobile device with touch screen. Of course, you’d better get a pair of goggles glasses if you want more vivid first person of view.
DJI Inspire 1 DJI Inspire 1Have you heard about vision positioning feature? It’s the latest positioning system which is applied to DJI Inspire 1. Flying indoor is easier than ever with optical flow technology that provides accurate position holding even when GPS is unavailable. And the sensors will determine the location and altitude of the quad-copter. What’s more, there are colorful LED lights built in the nose and four rotor foot, which helps better identify its location and flying direction for safety concern.
DJI Inspire 1 DJI Inspire 1Now, you probably notice that the title “the first aerial quad-copter carrying on 4K camera” is just to lead you in. As a matter of fact, I’ve leave out other features cause there are lots of thing to be talked. Anyway, the powerful aerial equipment has adopted some successful experience from phantom series. For example, DJI Inspire 1 provides you with 2km remote distance, and it’s supported by very high-capacity Li-polymer battery. To capture more stable and smooth video, of course a three-axis gimbal is irreplaceable.
DJI Inspire 1

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