Walkera Mini CP: Mini 3D Copter in Super Streamlined Structure

Walkera Mini CP

Taking main black shell with a little red coating written its logo, Walkera Mini CP is not all shining in appearance. Actually, it’s a modest mini helicopter possessing high rigid inner structure, which ensures very remarkable flight performance. With 220mm in length, the mini copter is of very light weight that results in very high maneuverability and good collective response.
Walkera Mini CPEveryone will be touched by its simple appearance in the first sight, but you will completely get lost in the helicopter as you go deeper. Adopting the newest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyroscope, Walkera Mini CP can achieve very pretty stable flights even though you are beginners. Let alone, it also provides three-axis gyro that is perfectly suitable for experienced enthusiasts. Everyone can have access to comprehensively appreciative flights!
Walkera Mini CP Walkera Mini CPIn addition, the flybarless design is featured by very low energy loss and great improvement in efficiency. Therefore, the 6CH 3D copter can reach all kinds of fancy stunts like hovering, rolling, 360o rotating, inverted flying, vertical flying apart from normal flights. Because of the six-axis gyroscope, Walkera Mini CP is always in super stability even when doing stimulating 3D movements. Even if flying outdoor with relatively strong wind, it keeps its cool bearing as well.

Walkera Mini CP Walkera Mini CP
More details about its inner structure: the mini copter utilizes pretty compact mechanical main frame design, three separately servos assembled around the swash-plate,which effectively controls the center of gravity of the helicopter. Actually, the center of gravity is relatively lower compered with mini copters. And the usage of three mini servos provide higher torque, swifter speed, which is very easy to maintain.

Walkera Mini CP
What’s more, Walkera Mini CP is equipped with EDVO 8Sremote controller. You are allowed to enjoy your flights without any worries about safety problem, cause the inbuilt telemetry feature gives you swift and real-time feedback of model data. You can enjoy the flight with first person of view, besides battery voltage, temperature, RPM and GPS information can be real-time monitored as well. In a word, the mini 3D copter is excellent in flights and safe in flying.

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