When it comes to remote controller, there are two factors you should take into consideration: functions and hand touching. Take newly released Walkera DEVO F12E for example, it adopts quad-bearing rocker design which offers super comfortable and smooth touching. With HD real-time monitor feature, it ensures amazing first person of view scenery. Particularly, the surface of the board is much reasonable and appreciative.
Walkera DEVO F12EGenerally speaking, Walkera DEVO F12E is a 12-channel transmitter with comprehensive functions, which is specially applied to professional aerial photography. The transmitter supports real-time image transmission and display. Apart from scenery appreciation, enthusiasts allows to real-time monitor battery voltage, weather, flight altitude& distance, GPS information and so on. What’s more, the remote controller are compatible with different types of aircraft.

Walkera DEVO F12E
Since it’s an aerial transmitter, let’s start from four switches around the LCD display: the upper left one is undercarriage on-off switch, very convenient to pack up the undercarriage. And the undercarriage won’t ward off the camera lens after in the level. Usually, flying direction is always consistent with the nose. When pulling headless switch on the left lower, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points, helping to capture untouchable angles of view.

Walkera DEVO F12E Walkera DEVO F12E
The upper right switch is for GPS positioning as well as return-to-home. Since the LCD screen can help you real-time monitor the flight, you can quickly find what you want to shoot while aircraft flying. Once establishing the object, GPS positioning switch helps to lock it. Then you can pull photographing on-off switch on the right lower, pictures and videos can be automatically taken. If there is anything wrong with the copter, you just need pull return-to-home switch.

Walkera DEVO F12E Walkera DEVO F12E Walkera DEVO F12E
Obviously, Walkera DEVO F12E is the most professional aerial transmitter. Whatever models adopts it, the remote controller will make it better, even if not for photographing use. Finally, it can work for long timer if supported by Li-polymer battery. In accordance with individual habit, the controller provides both left and right throttle modes. Hope you get something from the long words!

Walkera DEVO F12E Walkera DEVO F12E