Walkera QR X350 Pro: the most cost-effective aerial solution

Walkera QR X350 Pro

Vast and grand aerial can be touchable via Walkera QR X350 Pro, even if you are beginners. The aerial quad-copter adopts latest GPS control system, ensuring a variety of fancy flights that can help you capture pretty amazing angle of views. Let alone, it can be faultlessly compatible with G-2D brushless gambal, and the gimbal can tightly fix mini HD camera also flexibly control it.
Walkera QR X350 ProThe all-in-one DEVO-M main control module officially contains main controller, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, which supports multi-rotor aircraft in terms of several flight control modes. Especially, the GPS mode can help it precisely hover around established object. When the gyro system and GPS position system exist together, Walkera QR X350 Pro provides you with super astonishing stability.
Walkera QR X350 ProSince the quad-copter adopts DEVO-M controller, it can be compatible with many DEVO remote controllers such as DEVO F7 and DEVO 10. Both of the two transmitter supports wireless image transmission and real-time monitor. Difference is, you may need a mobile device if using DEVO 10, while DEVO F7 itself possesses a LCD display; DEVO10 ensures 400m wireless image range while DEVO F7 just allows 250m wireless transmission.
Walkera QR X350 Pro Walkera QR X350 Pro Walkera QR X350 ProBesides, you are allowed to replay the video or pictures after finishing aerial photography, cause the those video and pictures can be stored in mobile device. Apart from enjoying beautiful scenery, enthusiasts can real-time monitor the flights condition such as weather, attitude, battery voltage and so on. Anyway, the flight distance can reach 2km and the control distance is 1.24 miles. That is, the quad-copter is probably out of your vision, so you have to pay attention to the display.
Walkera QR X350 ProTo better ensure its safety, Walkera QR X350 Pro takes return-to-home function. When the quad-copter get lost with the remote controller, you must immediately call it back. Or you may trigger the return-to-home function if the copter flies flies out of your vision. And also low voltage protection is provided: the LED lights will blank if battery in low power, if this happens, you have to back the copter as well.
Walkera QR X350 Pro

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