Reasons Why WLtoys V262 Are Favored by Many Enthusiasts

WLtoys V262

Recently, there is a widely beloved quad-copter named WLtoys V262. With 55cm inn both length and width, 5cm in height, the quad-copter is characterized by its sensitivity as well as stability. It is said that this copter is very different from others according to experienced enthusiasts. If you are scouting for more interesting flights performance, you can keep reading.

First and foremost, the quad-copter utilizes the latest flight control system with six-axis gyroscope that has been applied to many powerful copters. Because of the powerful gyroscope, the copter can reach very stable normal direction flights and even fancy flights like 360o rotating or hovering.
More amazing fancy flights could be reached if you can better operate the remote controller. Large size as the copter possesses, WLtoys V262 is very flexible in all flights.
WLtoys V262Besides, WLtoys V262 quad-copter provides you with super amazing Headless mode. Usually, the flying direction is always consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose whatever it points. If you are new-player lack of operation experience, you can still enjoy very stable flights if starting altitude-setting mode. That is, the copter will fly at the fixed-height even if you lose the throttle, and there is no any rising or descending.
WLtoys V262In addition, there is equipped remote controller which is very intelligent. As a matter of fact, the quad-copter allows to carry a mini camera on its abdomen. In another word, it could be the an aerial quad-copter, and even high-level sports camera can be compatible with the quad-copter. See the print on the upper left of the transmitter, it reaches one-key-video feature. Besides, the print is also for basket hook and bubble blowing.
WLtoys V262 WLtoys V262
Typically, most LED lights are built on the rudders of a quad-copter. As for WLtoys V262, the shining LED lights are hanging under the shafts, which ensures both day and night flights. Due to its regular shape and enough room for installation, innovative enthusiasts tend to decorate a circle of colorful lights around its protection cover. In my view, this is the most appreciative quad-copter in large size. At least, it allowed to be decorated with individual thoughts.

WLtoys V262 WLtoys V262-8The last is for the structure and material taken by WLtoys V262 it is very clear that the flight control system is contained in the small shell which adopts the most advanced imported material.  The streamlined fuselage module is very easy to maintain or change battery. Moreover, there is a special protection cover made of EPP material around the whole copter, which can effectively reduce sudden impacts caused by error operation. For sake of its large size, the copter is more suitable for outdoor flying.
WLtoys V262

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