FMS Extra 300: best simulated airplane providing untouchable 3D aerobatic

FMS Extra 300

Different from most simulated airplane, FMS Extra 300 is unexpectedly shining for its appearance, which touches a mass of enthusiasts. The flamboyant coating in dark blue, light red and pure white color-matching makes the simulated airplane more outstanding when flying at very high altitude. Beside, there is a simulated pilot sitting in the cabin. How could you deny such perfect simulated airplane!

FMS Extra 300 FMS Extra 300
Let’s take a look at details firstly: adopting multiple carbon spars, the wings of the simulated airplane is provided with high strength and flexibility. In addition, the entire plane utilizes 17g metal gear servos endowed with great pulling power. Meanwhile, the rudder has pinned hinges for extra safety and performance. What’s more, the elevator halves are joint by a thick plastic spar to ensure strength and excellent alignment when doing stimulating maneuvers.

FMS Extra 300 FMS Extra 300
The overall length of the airplane takes 1285mm, but FMS Extra 300 still possesses pretty excellent flexibility which is far from your expectation. Generally speaking, the plane possesses amazing versatility to perfectly handle both very high speeds and very low speeds. Fancy flights such as hovering, harries, knife edge flight and outsides loops are wonderful performed with relative ease, as long as you are experienced enough..

FMS Extra 300 FMS Extra 300
The thing is, every detail of FMS Extra 300 is taken into consideration when being designed. For instance, there is a separate compartment on the bottom of the airplane for receiver and antenna. And the receiver compartment is easily accessible by removing the magnetic hatch cover. At the same time, the separate battery compartment on the top of the plane also has a strong magnetic hatch and there is plenty of room for battery installation. What a caring design it gets!

FMS Extra 300FMS Extra 300
Last but not least, FMS Extra 300 is endowed with great wind resistance. Actually, you’d better fly the airplane in the open and wide place for sake of the big size. Because of its streamlined structure me in accordance with aerodynamics, the 3D aerobatic reached by the airplane is pretty stable and very fast, which is completely surpass your expectation.

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