Comprehensively Remarkable DJI phantom battery review

11.1V 5400mAh Battery

Experienced enthusiasts will choose original DJI phantom battery if flying DJI phantom series copters. Why does it have to be like that? There are many reasons that I can tell why we should choose the battery. Maybe Li-polymer battery is more familiar with you, the thing is, original phantom battery actually is Li-polymer battery. In the next passage, I will give a detailed description.

BlackMagic 3000mAh

First of all, Li-polymer battery is characterized by its large capacity, light weight and small volume. I bet you hate to end photography because of low power, especially for DJI phantom quad-copters, it actually can fly very long time. Thus, high capacity of a battery is pretty important. Besides, Li-polymer battery can reduce a bit of weight to ensure more flexible flight, at the same time, its small body help it better installed in certain aircraft.

5200mA Lipo Battery

Usually, the smaller internal resistance the battery has, the longer service life it another word, it’s much safer to choose batteries with smaller internal resistance. meanwhile, battery with smaller internal resistance not easily gets burned or power off when charging. That is to say, DJI phantom battery is of much longer service life compared to others.

11.1V 5400mAh Battery

What’s more, Li-polymer battery doesn’t have memory effect, so you don’t have to take extreme caution on the battery and it will complete its rated service life. Besides, you are allowed to get known about the capacity rate during the process of charging , which is very convenient for outdoor flying. The colloid electrolyte Li-polymer battery owns more smooth and higher discharge platform compared to the liquid electrolyte batteries.

BlackMagic 2700mAh

Moreover, Li-polymer battery like DJI phantom battery is charged with constant current and voltage. At the same time, it is equipped with a protecting circuit board to prevent the battery from over charging or discharging. Besides, Li-polymer batteries is packed with aluminum materials, which is different from metal shell contained liquid lithium electricity. Therefore, you can see any hidden trouble if the package get deformed. And it will not explode but ballooning if there is any hidden problem.

DJI Phantom 2200mah

Furthermore, most batteries will do harm to human bodies cause of toxic heavy metals element in liquid electrolyte. Scientists have discovered that mercury has obvious toxicity to human nerve, and it also has bad influence towards secretion system and immune system, which is specially harmful to children. However, the internal of DJI phantom battery doesn’t contain liquid electrolyte. It contains colloidal electricity and almost do no harm to human bodies if not tear it apart.

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