Boscam Goggles providing wider angle of view more than FPV usage

Boscam Goggles

With more and more enthusiasts doing aerial photography, goggles glasses like Boscam Goggles is widely known by people. Perhaps the glasses looks a little bit cumbersome in terms of its size and shape, but it is of very light weight that won’t give pressure on your nose. Made in line with ergonomics, on the contrary, the glasses is pretty comfortable to wear and suitable for people with different size heads.

Therefore, many aerial enthusiasts make it better use for first person of view photographing. As a matter of fact, the glasses can achieve such amazing aerial effect in that there are a built-in wireless AV receiver and a virtual large screen real-time image display. Cooperating with the remote controller and HD camera, the AV receiver can transmit sound and image signal into actual video which will be presented via large screen real-time display.
Boscam GogglesThe thing is, it is pretty worth of buying a pair of goggle glasses, cause it honestly possesses more usage than aerial photographing. If you are the people who prefer watching TV, movie, or playing games home, then Boscam Goggles will make you home a mini 3D cinema shocking your eyes. Besides, it’s very convenient to wear and enjoy videos, you are allowed to sit, lie or stand with it worn. In a word, you will have more fun with the glasses as long as you are creative enough!

More features about the glasses: the goggle glasses ensures super HD video effect on account of its special video chip. Although it’s called goggle glasses, in fact, it also provides you with fabulous and dimensional high-fidelity sound effect. In a anther word, the wider screen glasses is just a mobile 3D glasses. With it in the hands, you can enjoy 3D movie, game any time and any where you like.

Furthermore, Boscam Goggles adopts full colorful mini LCD display,which has no radiation to human body. In addition, the goggle glasses ensures 100 percent confidentiality. That is, other people won’t see or hear what you see and hear once putting on the glasses.

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