Well-Equipped Skyartec WASP NANO CPx 3D Helicopter

Skyartec WASP NANO CPx

We’ve already talked too much how wonderful a certain copter is. Today, I want to introduce the Skyartec WASP NANO CPx 3D copter in a new way. Still, I have to stress that the copter has been redesigned and comes with Skyartec’s state-of-the-art technologies. Now, let’s go to see how exactly the copter is equipped.

In order to keep its sensitive 3D flight performance, the copter adopts flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyroscope. There is no denying that flexibility and stability are too important factors when doing 3D fancy stunts. Compared with the other single-blade copter, Skyartec WASP NANO CPx actually gets super low center of gravity clearly presented by its appearance, which greatly enhances flying stability.
Skyartec WASP NANO CPxDetailed equipment about the copter: the full ratio it takes largely improve working efficiency, and it also owns stronger wind resistance while flying outdoor; The brushless ESC can better conduct motors and Skyartec WASP NANO CPx  possesses longer service life; Anti-shock landing gear will dramatically reduce the impact when it suddenly lands on hard ground; and Li-polymer battery ensures longer flight time for one charge.
Skyartec WASP NANO CPx Skyartec WASP NANO CPxWhatever amazing fancy flights the copter offers, they are all reached under operations of a remote controller. Beyond your imagination, the equipped remote controller allows 12 types planes mode of memory. With this function, you can control multiple planes with one controller. To enhance conveniences, enthusiasts can easily restore factory settings if getting mess of all control parameters.
Skyartec WASP NANO CPxWhat’s more, Skyartec WASP NANO CPx 3D copter is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. There are two modes providing for you: one is 3D flight professional level; the other is beginner stable flight. That is, it’s very coat-effective to choose a copter like this. You can train the basic flight skills via stable flight mode, after getting more experience, you can keep improving flight skills via 3D level.
Skyartec WASP NANO CPxLast but not least, blue and read color-matched canopy, on the one hand makes it easy to identify the flying direction, on the other hand it betters 3D fancy flight appreciation.
Skyartec WASP NANO CPx

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