Emax Simonk: Powerful ESC perfectly compatible with quad-copter

Emax Simonk 20A

Based on SimonK program, the drive system of Emax Simonk ESC has been improved and reached pretty wonderful driving effect. There is no denying that the electronic speed controller is specially made for quad-copters with different devices. The MCU and BEC adopts different stabilizers which are completely independent, dramatically enhancing its anti-interference ability.
Emax Simonk 12AAs we know, electronic speed controller is born to serve the motor, therefore, choosing a proper ESC is of great importance. Whatever motors your quad-copter adopts, Emax Simonk provides you with different rated current varying from 12A to 40A, almost compatible with all motors applied to quad-copters. Besides, the rotating speed can reach 210,000, 70,000 as well as 35,00 circles per minus.
Emax Simonk 20AWhat’s more, you are allowed to set throttle mode in line with a certain receiver, even rotating in very low speed, the electronic speed control ensures very high stability. For the first time to work with a new remote controller, you must reset the throttle mode and make sure two of them can perfectly react with each other. In addition, the electronic speed controller possesses fabulous speed adjustment and super throttle sensitivity, ensuring super amazing flying experience for RC enthusiasts.
Emax Simonk 25AFurthermore, the electronic speed controller possesses features like low-voltage protection, over-heat protection. If the battery voltage is lower than the rated voltage while the motor working, you can turn off the motor or reduce the power. And over-heat protection means the power will automatically decrease when it get high temperature more than 100oC. Moreover, when the throttle gets lost with the remote controller, the power will instantly get down to zero and the motor will stop working. Until there is signal again, the throttle power will regain.
Emax Simonk 30APutting so long word, I just want you to learn more about reliable Emax Simonk ESC, cause the electronic speed controller can perfectly work with any kind of motor and remote controller. Anyway, the choice is on you, and I hope you get what you really need.

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