Walkera QR X350: professional FPV quad-copter with expectant features

Walkera QR X350

For large-range aerial photography, a powerful flight control system is indispensable. Adopting all-in-one design, the control system of Walkera QR X350 combines main controller, gyro, sensors, accelerometer, barometer and GPS system into one module. So how does the powerful control system work? You can keep reading if interested.
Walkera QR X350It is widely acknowledged that stability and accuracy are the most important factors when taking aerial photography specially for large-range photographing. Firstly, the gyroscope adopted by X350 plays very important role in stable flights. Besides, the high-precision GPS positioning makes it more accurate hover around a certain established object. Let alone, the two-stabilization stably control the camera carried by Walkera QR X350.
Walkera QR X350 Walkera QR X350Special angle of view makes more interesting photography, and perspectives are often realized by fancy stunts like hovering, rolling as well as 360o rotating. As a matter of fact, the control system has already improved flight performance. Account of the GPS system, the quad-copter can reach more amazing and accurate fancy flights. As long as the camera possesses comparable pixels, there is no problem to take untouchable perspectives.
Walkera QR X350When it comes to the camera, there are a variety of cameras like iLook and Hero series can be compatible with Walkera QR X350. And the quad-copter supports several DEVO remote controllers like DEVO 10 or DEVO F7. Whatever transmitter you take, the control range can reach 1000m and even more. With the control range, there is stable and smooth wireless network between the flight control system and remote controller which I will mention next.
Walkera QR X350What’s more, the flight control system support real-time image transmission. If equipped with a intelligent remote controller with LCD display, you are allowed to enjoy amazing aerial scenes while the video or picture are transmitted into the transmitter, and you can replay videos at any time. Even if there is no transmitter with LCD display, you can reach transmission via personal mobile phone if downloading related software.
Walkera QR X350Above all, you will gain very professional aerial experience via Walkera QR X350. After all, the long distance aerial range and 25mins flight time as well as full DH camera compatibility make perfect combination. Finally, there are many LED lights built on the quad-copter, ensuring both day and night aerial photography for you.

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