Never seen a model toy more interesting than UDI U941A


Taking the first slight, you may concern it a mini quad-copter. When you learn more, you will find it’s hard to define what exactly UDI U941A is. OK, let’s just call it quad-copter first. For the energetic kids or adults who have much time to kill, the cute flying mini copter can effectively enrich your daily life. As far as I’m concerned it could be copter, wall climber as well as four-wheel car.

There is no denying that its previous body is a mini quad-copter. And the quad-copter adopts the latest flight control system with six-axis gyroscope, which ensures more stale and flexible flying. Apart from normal flights, the copter can achieve hovering, flipping, 360o rotating. In addition, there are colorful LED lights built in its body, making it pretty shining in the night. On account of its mini size, the quad-copter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. And you’d better install propellers protection covers if flying indoor.
UDI U941A UDI U941ANow, it’s time to make some change! Adding with four small wheels, UDI U941A instantly becomes a four-wheel race car. Apparently, the wheels are exquisitely made with very high durability. No matter walking on the slippy floor or rough ground, it can keep walking as well as running with high speed. And it even can be comparable to a real mini race car. Of course, it is already a race car with the four wheels. Also, the race car can walk both indoor and outdoor and wherever you want to make fun.
UDI U941A UDI U941AHere comes the third shape-change: the race car will become a wall climber once installed with two big wheels. This time, the wall climber has combined characteristics of both quad-copter and car race, which will completely shake you. Without outer supports, UDI U941A can walk and run in upright direction, of course it can also walk and run on any radian of longitude ground. Even, some of the experienced enthusiasts can make it run on the ceiling. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? The two big wheels and four propellers working together make can everything possible.

I forget to tell you that there actually is a mini camera on the nose of UDI U941A. Whatever, it doesn’t matter cause it already gets much fun. Anyway, you can open camera function, and let it capture super amazing perspective like hanging on the ceiling. Finally, the three shape-change models can all controlled under a hand remote controller easily to master. How could you ignore such cute and changeable quad-copter!


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