Stylish mini single-blade copter ESKY F150 providing excellent stunts


Honestly, it’s very hard to see a copter possessing so stylish and unique outlook like ESKY F150.  It is the streamlined fuselage that makes the mini copter so popular among a mass of enthusiasts. Let alone, the mini copter adopts the most advanced components including two liner digital servers. In a word, the expectant mini copter is specially designed for enthusiasts who scout for fancy stunts and long service life.
With 180mm in length, 42mm in width as well as 65mm in height, the mini copter only weighs 30g. There is no colorful painting on the fuselage that the black is above and white is below, pretty simple but stylish. If you look at it carefully, you will find that the shell design utilizes Bell222. There are two hollow windows respectively on each side, which ensures great heat dissipation. Besides, the 120o CCPM is made insides of the fuselage and the pull rod is very close to the main axis.
ESKY F150 ESKY F150Adopting the latest flight control system with three-axis gyroscope, ESKY F150 can reach pretty cool fancy flights like “8” shape flying, four directions hovering, rolling as well as rotating. Because of the three-axis gyro, the copter keeps super stability while flying. Even if flying into wrong direction, it can correct flying attitude by it self. In addition, the the center of gravity is relatively lower compared to other single-blade copter, which can enhance flying stability to some extents.
ESKY F150Enthusiasts who have experienced the copter must know that ESKY F150 owns very longer service life not only because of the heat dissipation design, but also its durability. Specially for copter endowed with 3D fights, it’s in high possibility to get explored. Utilizing high-level plastic, the mini copter actually gets very good toughness and tenacity, which can suffer from seldom crash or explosion. Even if there is any problem, the copter will be easily maintained for sake of its reasonable structure.

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