The latest Multiple-functional Mobius Action Camera review

Mobius Action Camera

With unbelievable horizon field of view of 116o in minimal fisheye distortion, Mobius Action Camera could be the most advanced sports camera presently. On account of its flexibility of recording , the camera can be applied into FPV aircraft, bicycle, motorcycle, car as well as skateboard.

First and foremost, there are four video recording cycle time settings, there are five, ten, fifteen min and plus “max” provided by camera, all of which possess options about stop/save/continue. Aerial enthusiasts can freely set recording time according to a certain aircraft when photographing. Besides, the camera is featured by its1080p HD video quality. I believe that such high resolution can help you clearly capture aerial object if doing extreme sports photography.

Mobius Action Camera
What’s more, Mobius Action Camera supports three image quality settings, respectively super setting, standard setting and low setting, all of which vary with recording bit rate to match the certain frame size and frame rate selected by users. You can take the super setting with 1080p-30fps effect to get more detailed video if it works as a car cam, specially for nigh driving. Or you can take lowest setting with 720p-30 fps effect when it being applied to home monitor.

Mobius Action CameraFurthermore, there are two alternative video modes provided by the camera, and users can get access to very high-resolution dynamic video or stationary video if not adjusting the lens. Nowadays, more and more people are engaged in cycling or riding, it seems a good idea to install the multi-functional camera on a bicycle or a motorcycle. You can enjoy the feeling that cool breeze slipping on your face while the camera records the beautiful scenery forward.
Mobius Action CameraIn addition, there is a time lapse mode where there Mobius Action Camera can automatically take time-lapsed but the images still retain, very suitable for dynamic video recording. All in all, it’s really cost-effective to own such a mini sports camera with multiple usages.

Mobius Action Camera

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