Flying 3D X6: exclusive flying quad-copter with GPS system

Flying 3D X6

There is denying that a large-size aerial quad-copter in fact possesses very good flight performance, but enthusiasts seems to be more interested in what kind of scenery it takes. Therefore, it’s very difficult to discover the copter like Flying 3D X6 that is larger than mini quad-copter both in size and function. If mini quad-copter offers flight appreciation, then larger quad-copter will tell you what exactly can be called high flight performance.

Like most quad-copters, Flying 3D X6 also adopts the latest flight control system with three-axis gyroscope. The difference is, the control module possesses a GPS positioning system as well. Usually GPS function is applied to aerial photographing, and you can enjoy more purposeful flight if starting GPS mode. No matter for hovering, 360 rotating, all of the fancy flights can be better presented via GPS positioning.
Flying 3D X6What’s more, you can enjoy wonderful flights even if you are inexperienced. Because of GPS positioning system, the copter supports altitude-hold function. That is to say, you can set a proper flying height, then the copter will fly at the fixed altitude without rising or falling, which can greatly reduce the possibility of crash. After starting altitude-hold mode, you can freely enjoy fancy flights without worrying safety problems.
Flying 3D X6Furthermore, Flying 3D X6 supports intelligent flight control mode. Usually, the flying direction always keeps consistent with the copter nose. Under IOC mode, then the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. In addition, copter can fly stably in windy outside on account of both GPS system and six-axis gyroscope. Anyway, X6 won’t easily get lost even if flying very high or far.

Flying 3D X6Different from the mini quad-copter, Flying 3D X6 can fly for relatively longer time supported by high-capacity Li-polymer battery. For sake of the long distance flight, the quad-copter possesses low voltage protection function that warms you to change the battery before it running out, so it won’t fall or crash due to low voltage.
Flying 3D X6

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