Hubsan X4: exquisite-made quad-copter endowed with video function

Hubsan X4

For aerial beginners, there is nothing better than Hubsan X4, an ultra-mini quad-copter endowed with video function and very stable flight performance. For one thing, it’s full of appreciation in terms of its flights particularly when equipped with a high-end transmitter. For another thing, enthusiasts allows to take pictures and videos in that there is a mini camera built on nose of the copter.

Quad-copter undoubtedly has been widely applied to different fields on account of its special formation. But firstly as the aircraft, it must get something significant to improve its flight performance. As for Hubsan X4, it utilizes the latest six-axis flight control system with an adjustable gyroscope, which greatly enhances the stability while flying. Apart from normal flights, it can reach some simple fancy stunts like hovering, rolling as well as 360 degree rotating.
Hubsan X4You could didn’t imagine that such mini quad-copter actually is controlled by a high-end transmitter possessing a LCD display which will be used in photographing. The camera the copter provides may be not so powerful, but it’s enough for new-in player to take videos and pictures. The most amazing thing is, the transmitter support real-time monitoring function via LCD display. Personally, I think this is the best detailed design for mini aerial quad-copter. With the monitor, players can better control the copter and ensure it in good condition.
Hubsan X4Besides, you will be deeply touched by the scientific and streamlined fuselage of Hubsan X4. The quad-copter adopts high-level plastic material of great toughness, owning strong resistance to the impacts. And there is a flexible protection cover around the four-axis, you can freely install or disassemble it in line with special flight demands. Meanwhile, the foot of four-axis all wear soft pads with nice resistance when suddenly landing on the hard ground.

Hubsan X4
Finally, there are several LED lights respectively on the rotors and fuselage, very beautiful and wonderful for night flight. For sake of its small size, the quad-copter allows both indoor and outdoor flights. And you can charge the copter by using a charging cable to connect with a computer or wall charger.
Hubsan X4

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