Tarot 450 PRO: compact and stylish 3D copter in upgraded version

Tarot 450 PRO

If every single component is scientifically made, then a 3D copter can presents its best performance while flying. Take Tarot 450 PRO for example, it adopts carbon fiber framework of light weight but high toughness, greatly improving the flexibility and durability of the copter. And even the canopy utilizes fiberglass unable to conduct electricity, which can reduce the chance of self-explosion to some extents.
Tarot 450 PROAdopting super-lower center of gravity, the distance between rotor head and frame has been shortened,, which not only ensures better stability while Tarot 450 PRO flying but also effectively improves rolling, auto-spinning, swaying and other 3D performance. Besides, the newly designed linkage rod with reverse thread makes pitch-adjustment more convenient.
Tarot 450 PROAs is known to all, single-blade copter exists an universal problem; they are two flexible to be stable, especially when doing 3D fancy stunts. To make it right as possible, Tarot 450 PRO adopts three-axis gyroscope. Because of the improved side frame design with dedicated mounting location, the gyroscope can be placed between frames or behind anti-rotation guide, resulting in clean wiring and better aesthetics.

Tarot 450 PRO Tarot 450 PRO
In addition, metal CCPM swash-plate utilizes super-rigid fish-eye bearing, which make it easier to be adjusted. At the same time, the MoS2 nylo design enable the bearing to have better anti-friction and higher speed for swash-plate. And the metal main shaft block adopts TOKYO imported plastic, greatly reducing the load. Besides, the main shaft and servo mount are modified by side frame connecting points, simplifying servo replacement and easing maintenance.

Tarot 450 PRO Tarot 450 PRO
Moreover, the longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount not only makes the mount more rigid, but also allows shifting the battery based on its dimension for better CG. And the screw count has been reduced to minimize assembly and maintenance time. What’s more, the high-efficiency tail shaft drive design of Tarot 450 PRO dramatically reduce the power loss when associated with belt driven system, meanwhile it increase power output.

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