Wltoys V303: high-integrated aerial quad-copter for large-range photographing

Wltoys V303

Beautiful pictures and videos of sea sight as well as blue sky are often photographed by very professional aerial equipment like Wltoys V303, an integrated aerial quad-copter with high-accuracy GPS module and comparable flight performance. Specially for enthusiasts mastering some flight experience, they may want to start more challenging aerial journey.

Utilizing flight control system with GPS module and six-axis gyroscope, the quad-copter not only ensures high-precision GPS positioning, but also can reach a variety of fancy flights such as crabbing, hovering and 360 degree rotating. Generally, the fancy flight, particularly for hovering, will help you catch more comprehensive perspectives. Besides, there is a Gopro camera mount which is compatible with some full HD cameras like Hero3/3+.

Wltoys V303
More flights modes about Wltoys V303: for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, the altitude-fixed must be very convenient when aerial photographing. You just have to set the height of established object, then the quad-copter will fly at the fixed height, and it won’t rise or down even if you lose the throttle. In addition, the quad-copter supports headless mode. The flying direction usually keeps consistent with the nose. Under the mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points.
Wltoys V303With 305mm in both length and width, 185mm in height, the quad-copter can be well-packed in a aerial backpack, which is very easy to carry with you. Personally, I pretty like the rubber shake-proof sets, very caring to prevent the copter from impacting when it lands. What’s more, the self-locking propellers are easily installed or disassembled. In a word,the aerial quad-copter is very suitable for large-range photographing.

Wltoys V303
Moreover, there is a handy remote controller equipped with Wltoys V303. The longest control distance reaches 500m, if the copter fly out of the distance, it will automatically get back with radar lock-in function. Besides, the quad-copter possesses two level voltage protections: in the first level, the LED navigator will keep blanking and give out warming sound like “bi,bi,bi~”; in the second level, the copter will automatically back to takeoff place.

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